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We carry English & Spanish LDS scriptures in several different colors and styles. For your convenience, all of our scriptures (except economy) are thumb indexed. Customize your scriptures by embossing a name! Please allow up to 3 additional days for embossed scriptures to ship.

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Book of Mormon Audio CD
Compact Quad - Button Snap
Compact Quad - Simulated Leather
D&C and Pearl of Great Price Audio CD
Economy Bible - Hardcover
Economy Bible - Softcover
Economy Book of Mormon
Economy Triple - Hardcover
Economy Triple - Softcover
Large Bible - Genuine Leather
Large Bible - Simulated Leather
Large Quad - Genuine Leather
Large Quad - Simulated Leather
Large Triple - Genuine Leather
Large Triple - Simulated Leather
New Testament Audio CD
Old Testament Audio CDThis is an audio recording of the Old Testament on compact disc. Includes 1 set of 56 discs.
Regular Bible - Genuine Leather
Regular Bible - Simulated Leather
Regular Quad - Button Snap
Regular Quad - Genuine Leather
Regular Quad - Simulated Leather
Regular Triple - Genuine Leather
Regular Triple - Simulated Leather
Spanish Bible
Spanish Economy Bible
Spanish Economy Triple
Spanish Triple Combination